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How Will B2B Sales Develop & Accelerate in 2022

In: Lead Generation

Over the years, B2B sales developed a lot with many new trends and changes. In 2019, automated sales prospecting disturbed B2B sales reps and creative tactics and customer data platforms in 2020 and 2021.

And now, with the roll of 2022, many new B2B sales developments and trends are ready to increase salespersons workload.

The prevailing year is very crucial for B2B businesses due to the post-pandemic changes in the buyer’s approach. As per a Sage Journals study, the way B2B buyers desire and behave has completely shifted after the pandemic.

Secondly, 73% of millennials will be part of the B2B sales process in 2022. Since it is common knowledge that millennials look for personal connections rather than fancy marketing antics, traditional B2B sales funnels will not work in 2022.

In short, the B2B sales development landscape is evolving to a new level in 2022. And you need to prepare for it; otherwise, you will be left behind in this rat race.

But no need to worry because we won’t let that happen. We have already decoded how B2B sales will develop and look in 2022. Let’s dive in.

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